Hey peoples, we have released our very first christmas animation. It was released a while ago but we really noticed it hasn't gotten too many reviews or comments, so as a last ditch attempt to get some other peoples opinions on it we're going to make a quick news post about it.
Really we're just hoping this can be added to the winter 2009 collection....that's all we ever wanted =( . It's a short trailer for a fictional trailer for a movie spin-off of the "Santa Clause" movies starring Tim Allen. We hope you get all the references to Home Improvement/Tool Time/Tim Allens jail time. Please don't hate us for making a post about this, really we're just hungry for feedback.
Happy viewings and merry everything!
-Zeph R.


The Tim Allen

2010-01-02 21:24:37 by CybermonkeyStudios

Check out Cybermonkey Studios latest animation, submitted for the Winter Flash-Off.



2009-11-09 00:56:52 by CybermonkeyStudios

It's been a while since we've posted anything so I figured I'd let all you guys know (because I know how often you all check our page) that an animation by Zeph is nearing completion. The animation was started more so as practice for Zeph and his character model drawing, but its turning into a well rounded animation. It's a movie set to the song "Sasquatch" by Tenacious D. It's animated in a simplistic style, but executed in a rather challenging way. It will hopefully be released by late November. Zeph also plans on starting an animation for the holiday seasons and wishes to win some of that lovely money Tom and the people of Newgrounds give away.

Now what you've all been waiting for.... Sas with a jetpack.


Procrastination and Productivity

2008-04-19 01:36:15 by CybermonkeyStudios

We haven't made a news post in ages so I suppose it's time for an update, however unnecessary it might be. We DO have a lot of projects in the works but excessive laziness, lack of motivation and general procrastination, along with numerous other commitments, have prevented us from finishing anything. That being said, we are working on our flashes and will probably have some new stuff completed soon.

Zeff is currently working on a few different things. He is well underway on a trailer for Thrust Viper's upcoming zombie flash series. The trailer does not use any real clips from the zombie series but is only to build up some hype for it. On top of that, he is still working on a long-in-progress animation about the colour being drained from the world. It's looking great so far and will surely be incredible when finished. Zeff is also working on a short Saw parody flash which shouldn't take very long to complete and will hopefully be quite funny.

Thrust Viper is focusing all his attention- what little there is- on his upcoming zombie flash series. All of the voice recordings are done for the first episode and the animation is partially underway. Zeff is drawing the backgrounds which are almost entirely finished. The first episode will be approximately 5 minutes long. Though it is taking a REALLY long time, we all agree that it looks amazing and will hopefully be well received on Newgrounds.

Beyond flash animation, Steel Shot of the studio is editing a skit show which was filmed over the summer called "The Bing Show." It features Black Moses and Thrust Viper mainly, with some appearances from Steel Shot and Zeff. Everyone in the studio who has looked at finished clips from "The Bing Show" has been blown away and we really think that people are gonna love it.

Anyway, we hope to finally have something new finished to show as soon as possible. If anyone's actually been keeping up with us, which I kind of doubt, thanks! We promise to have something fresh and great to show soon.

ZOMG. Redesign. Random News? Why not!

2007-07-17 18:38:06 by CybermonkeyStudios

So, right now our site is being redesigned as well. Artistically by Steel Shot and the coding is being written by a new member Linus the Fish. It should look pretty boss when it's all done.

Zeff has a few animations in the works currently including a music video to the song Marijuana User and a fun, crazy and awesome animation featuring colour being sucked away. He is also involved with the upcoming Apocalypse Collab that is being hosted by Rudy.

Besides that, we're doing a studio wide project currently which is a series about... ZOMBIES. GRAAAGH! Thrust Viper is doing all the animation, Zeff is doing the backgrounds and we are all helping with writing and voice acting. It will hopefully be great when it's all done!