Entry #5


2010-01-19 01:36:51 by CybermonkeyStudios

Hey peoples, we have released our very first christmas animation. It was released a while ago but we really noticed it hasn't gotten too many reviews or comments, so as a last ditch attempt to get some other peoples opinions on it we're going to make a quick news post about it.
Really we're just hoping this can be added to the winter 2009 collection....that's all we ever wanted =( . It's a short trailer for a fictional trailer for a movie spin-off of the "Santa Clause" movies starring Tim Allen. We hope you get all the references to Home Improvement/Tool Time/Tim Allens jail time. Please don't hate us for making a post about this, really we're just hungry for feedback.
Happy viewings and merry everything!
-Zeph R.



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2010-01-19 07:03:13

God damn your website is fucking beautiful.